This is what Bukola Saraki’s playlist is looking like at the moment

Amidst the turbulent waters of the Code of Conduct Tribunal and the most recent Panama Papers leaks accusing him and his family of illegally siphoning funds out of the country, Senate President Bukola Saraki is not having a very great 2016. We imagine that at times like this, music is always a great escape for anyone facing the return of what looks like their own karmas.

This is what we expect Bukola Saraki to be listening to at the moment.

Only Me- 2face

Bukola-Saraki (1)
Bukola Saraki is a political blue blood, whose father Abubakar Saraki was very influential in his lifetime. A royal background should naturally make anyone ambitious and looking at Bukola Saraki’s rise to the seat of the Senate President, he is clearly a man who has always wanted more than the world around him could afford. But between lingering accusations of corruption, the controversial National Assembly election that seated him and internal problems with his new political party, Saraki’s life would definitely be a lot easier if he was the only man with all the power.

Why Me- D’banj

The internet and traditional media have had a field day reporting Saraki’s trial with a series of fact files, documents and witnesses brought forward against him. Against the background to his controversial ascension to the seat of Senate President, these new developments only further culminate public demands for Saraki to vacate his political seat of office. If Saraki has any questions for anyone right now, It’s definitely going to be “Why Me?

Goons mi – Olamide

New files20
With a political portfolio that includes an 8-year term as Governor of Kwara state, a 5 year run as a Senator representing Kwara Central and most recently, an on-going 8-month rule as Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki has clearly been around the block enough times to make some powerful friends. And in light of current events, this is a great time to take a confidence boost from Olamide to cash in on all the debts people have owed him over the years.

Mercies of the lord- Oritsefemi

day 2g
We all find our way back to God in times of uncertainty and Bukola Saraki’s case will be no different, thanks to this quasi-spiritual number by Oritsefemi

U no holy pass- 2face

According to reports, the Saraki led national assembly is currently divided on the motion to impeach Saraki to retain the integrity of the National Assembly. This song is tentatively on Saraki’s playlist as a message to his political opponents because nobody in Nigerian politics is a saint.

Oga Police- P-Square

This song is of course on Saraki’s playlist for obvious reasons and listening to Paul Okoye croon “Oga Police o, wetin be this o/you just dey vex me, dey stress me/na which kain yawa be this o, why you do me this?” tells you everything else you need to know.

Jailer- Asa

New files22

At some point, Saraki accidentally hits the shuffle button and this Asa number comes up. But he quickly hits the next button with the word “Audhubilahhi” unconsciously slipping out of his mouth.

Baba nla – Wizkid


Amongst the allegations Bukola Saraki has been accused of, his alleged addition of clauses for pensions and salaries he has received for nearly four years since exiting office as state governor in Kwara state is one of the most controversial. Thankfully for him, current Kwara State governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, a known loyalist of the Bukola Saraki ministry has come forward to debunk the allegations as manufactured. We don’t know about you, but with Saraki’s political blue blood we can’t shake off the smell of godfatherism in the air and no other song comes close in relevance.

Mobolowo won – D’banj


In positive spirits, Saraki listens to D’banj sing about escaping his enemies while sharing a similar fantasy in relation to his chaotic trials.


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