Are Burna Boy and Leriq about to give their music bromance another chance?

Burna Boy may be a flippant snob but he is also an occasionally great artiste who broke into the Nigerian mainstream with the help of AristoKrats producer LeriQ. At the peak of their sonic bromance, LeriQ mixed, mastered and produced two LPs for Burna. His work on Burna Boy’s debut mixtape Burn Identity perfected the synergy between Burna’s Afro-UK grime and dancehall style with LeriQ’s deft skill and critical attention to detail. The result was a 15-track mixtape, that would only need a few songs exempted to make its own stand alone album.

The same work of genius was repeated on Burna’s debut album, L.I.F.E. Though the collective itself was well received, critics particularly gushed about Leriq’s ability to knead through the entire LP till all its rough edges were smoothened out. We patiently expected to see more brilliance from this duo, until headlines broke out that Burna Boy had silently exited AristoKrat records after his contract expired.

Nobody really got the memo beforehand, until Burna Boy released On a Space Ship , a shoddy lukewarm collective, that openly exposed the gaping hole of LeriQ’s absence in Burna Boy’s career.

Things seem to be looking up, as producer LeriQ recently shared a twitter video depicting Burna Boy in a green-lit studio while a heavy trap hip-hop beat played in the background. Due to sound distortions we cannot originally confirm that it was Burna Boy’s autotuned voice playing on the instrumentals, but LeriQ’s “Studio flow” caption may just serve as confirmation enough. Without further speculation, we may just safely conclude that LeriQ and Burna are back in the studio cooking up some heat and we have never been more excited at the prospects of calling the paramedic.


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