5 reasons Davido’s proposed Young Thug collabo may be his worst idea yet

Davido is about to get things wrong again.


With a new major Sony deal in the books and more resources at his disposal, Davido appears about to throw his record deal money down the drain. The HKN gang singer uploaded a video of himself on facetime with Cash Money rapper, Young Thug with a caption that suggests the both of them may have a collaboration on the way.

Though Davido teased the tweet with a hint of “maybe”, we have some reasons this collaboration is already a bad idea.

Davido should be taking Africa to the world, not the other way around.

With a platform like Sony music, Davido should be more concentrated on maturing his sound to better represent African music on international frontiers. This means he should be sonically representing Africa with original African sounds not importing foreign sounds back to us.

Young Thug is not much of a commercially viable artist.

Though his YouTube streams boast a couple million views, Young Thug’s controversial Barter6 album cum mixtape barely pushed 20,000 units in its first week. In retrospect Meek Mill, whom Davido featured on Fans Mi made an equivalent 247,752 unit first week sales. We cannot be the ones who see this feature as a downgrade from anything Davido has already done.


Nobody understands anything Young Thug says.

For fans that had problems deciphering everything Meek Mill said without googling for lyrics to get past his American accent, they are going to have bigger problems getting any actual words from Young Thug. The Cash Money rapper often stretches his words between cohesive adlibs and meaningless rambles. We guarantee nobody will be able to keep this song on for too long before they start reaching for a delete button.

Nobody likes Young Thug.

Young Thug’s rise to fame has been mostly based on the controversial nature of his signing to Cash Money records and his long-standing conflicted relationship with Lil Wayne, whose shoes Birdman intended for him to fill. Besides this, the rapper has not much going on for him, image-wise. If Davido plans to take Africa anywhere, a Young Thug feature is the wrong place to start.

We just can’t picture what the song will sound like.

Between Young Thugs incessant shrieks and near-incoherent lyrics and Davido’s autotuned throaty voice, the result of a duet will be catastrophic at best. Especially if the instrumentation shies away from the afrobeats sound arrangement Davido is familiar with for trap beats intended for Young Thug’s style of music. We have no reason to doubt the output single will make a tedious listen and a horrendous piece of sound.


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