Tyler-the-creator black rapperVeteran Rapper and leader of the ‘Boys are not smiling’ (BANS) movement, Lord T.R, who recently released his Grabbing Our Destiny (G.O.D) project, breaks down the difference between a true emcee and a rapper.

This was done a while back, but still makes an interesting read.


  1. A true emcee benefits and manifests his or her own creative style not only from Hip-hop music but other genres

The average rapper bites from other rappers but is not creative enough to come up with his own thing.

  1. An emcee is politically and consciously aware and will address it in his rhymes, the rapper is politically unaware and does not care enough to put it in his/her rhymes.
  2. A true emcee is more concerned with making a classic album that will last for years but the average rapper is just concerned about selling millions.
  3. 4. A real emcee is diverse in his style and flow while the rapper is not diverse, he is always stuck in a particular category.
  4. Rappers need a lot of marketing/video hype to be recognized, the real emcee is recognized by his skills, lyrics and rhymes.



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