We figured out why Wande Coal got this horrible new hairdo

Not everybody can be Wande Coal.

Not when you have to surpass milestones of unforgettable hooks and more number 1 hits than some artistes have managed in their entire careers. Wande Coal is so unique, he set himself up with a debut album even he could  not top.

Who does that anyway?

Well Wande Coal seems to have done it again by debuting a new hairstyle, we doubt anyone else can pull off (at least not with the way it looks on him). Featuring on LeriQ’s Lost Sounds album, the singer rocks a new look  for the first time on the song’s accompanying visuals. The new hair ditched his old bald style for a more confident patch of tiny dread locks on his forehead. We are not fully sure how we feel about it yet but we have come up with a bunch of reasons that possibly inspired the former Mavin’s adoption of this style change.


We feel weird about Wande Coal's new hair by the way.

Did you look in the mirror this morning Wande? There is something on your head oh!

He just started a marijana plantation.

Wande has repeatedly expressed his love for the greens. We won’t be surprised to find out his new hair style is line with his first stages of transistion into Wande Smokes. 

A rare picture of Wande Smokes and a loyal customer

A rare picture of Wande Smokes and a loyal customer.

He is trying to distract us.


Remaining  relevant in the current music industry must be hard for Wande Coal considering how his highly anticipated sophomore album was received with a shrug. But if he plays his cards right, this new hairdo may be his game changer. The big plan will now be driven towards trying to distract us from over thinking about how tepid his last album was, so he can get back on his creative process. Or since we can barely recognize him any more, he may just return to Don Jazzy with his new look, under his ganja planter-pseudo Wande Smokes

Don Jazzy would never know.

He hired a new stylist.

For many pop stars around the world, a personal stylist is a major part of the image and management. With the tepid peformance of his last album, Wande may be making some major life changes, including  swapping his old stylist for a new one. A wild guess would suggest this new guy used to work for Vic-O or didn’t get paid enough by Wande Coal’s camp.


He is making some life changes.

Seriously though, the new hair style may have some artistic value, something along the lines of Wande Coal trying to make some major life changes and better music. This is another wild guess we could not confirm.



He is just doing him.

Despite all the troubles that have marred his development as an artiste, Wande Coal is still one of Nigeria’s most revered vocalists. He really should be free to do whatever he wants. Even if it means  shooting a music video on a bad hair day.


Double-you-see-zee for the gyal dem.





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