Remember when Adaz made a hit out of inter-tribal marriage struggles?


The year is 2006 and the aftermath of a Nigerian music renaissance that began in 2004 after artistes like 2face, D’Banj, Olu Maintain among others broke into international media is still spilling over. While the art of making music videos has not yet reached a creative peak, more attention is paid to details of composition, theme and song writing, thanks to an unsaturated industry that provides anyone with remotely anything to say a platform to do so.

In the same year, singer Adaz released Zarokome, set on a flamenco guitar baseline and a touchy subject matter of inter-tribal marriage. Anyone who understands Nigerian tribe relations knows the issue of marriage into tribes other than that of their parents can be problematic especially on the parents side.

Very much like America’s race relations, Nigerian parents are very particular about the tribes their children marry into and for Adaz, he begs his mother to accept a woman from another tribe other than the Urohobo or Isoko recommendation she proposes. The lesson is simple; love should triumph over ethnic sentiments or the need to satisfy one’s parents.

Thanks to the afropop monopoly of the soundscape and Nigerian artistes trying to score cheap hits off the same party themes, we don’t get many of these type of songs anymore. But you’re invited to follow us on this nostalgic ride with Adaz.

See the video for Zarokome below


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