If your friend is a struggle rapper, you can definately relate to this video

We all have that one guy in the clique who is constantly scribbling rhymes in a small notepad or typing into his phone. That guy is the same guy with Fruityloops open on a laptop he hasn’t restarted in weeks. They are constantly tweeting and messaging you links to their latest mixtapes and singles, imploring you to share it to your other friends. Often when they bring up their rap careers, all we can do is nod in an attempt to quickly dismiss the topic.

Sometimes it’s even worse because we genuinely care about them and they would occasionally seek our honest opinions. Of course that is never going to happen, all we just do is smile and promise them they will be famous if there was any justice in the world, if people enjoyed true music or if the sky was blood red instead of blue.

Anyway, twitter user Larry Legend figured away to end the reign of every struggle rapper near you. He hopes to stop the a-rapper-on-every-block epidemic with a campaign he tagged #StopRappingCampaign. To launch the campaign he has created the short infomercial which links out to Nomore.org, a site that coincidentally dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault.

Friend: This new song I recorded is straight fire…



Friend: What do you think about it? Should I play it again?

You: Yes…



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