Hello Omawumi, we hear this other version… And we love!

Omawumi 192Need someone to push the rock over? Or wake you up from the coma? Perhaps you are stuck in Antartica?

Well, while you are away, Adele dropped Hello, a new song from her new album ’25’, which drops November 20.

In typical Adele fashion, this is a powerful ballad that details past break-up and an attempt at reconciliation.

What we were however not expecting, is a Nigerian singer to be brave enough to do a cover.

Well, step forward Omawumi, to shame us. And blow us away.

She started off with sweet soul, but broke off into reggae, with her vocal strength adding verve and beauty.

I have heard this on replay. It is such a beautiful remake.

We hear Praiz is thinking about a cover too. Considering what he did with Rihanna’s Stay, our fingers are crossed!

Listen to Omawumi’s version of Hello here


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