Falana’s concert series is here and this is why you should attend

After years of getting rave reviews and attention in the Nigerian diaspora, singer Falana is finally ready to begin making her way into local airwaves and she’s doing it in style. The singer will be headlining her own concert series tagged Uncover’d every month starting this June, till the end of September.

The live show series is tied around a pop-up concert theme that will have different stages set all over Lagos. Falana will be covering some classics with the added twist of her own unique touch. Speaking on the motif behind the concept, Falana says, ‘‘I have an obsession with rearranging classic songs by my favourite artistes. It’s like time travel, I love the nostalgia.’’

For Nigerian music lovers who are not the biggest fans of mainstream popular music, Falana’s live in concert series may just be the perfect starting point to explore alternatives. Besides, the exponential growth of the industry over the last ten years and spread of the on-going information age is slowly freeing up the crowded Nigerian soundscape for niche-based genres and artistes. This makes Falana one of the first in a new school of up and coming Nigerian artistes set to do things differently from the norm of merely force feeding the audience music by plugging singles into social media and radio shows.

An intimate live show series like Falana intends to hold will allow her establish a ground level connection with an immediate fanbase, which is largely a more effective avenue for branding than merely throwing music on the Internet. This is an innovative career direction we gladly co-sign and we hope that you should too.

Born and raised in Canada, Falana sings in fluent Yoruba and over the last months, she has been making more effort to establish a soundboard for her music to earn its own place in the industry. Since releasing her debut EP, Things Fall Together in 2014, Falana has opened for both Yemi Alade and Asa at Afropolitan Vibes and Asa Live In Lagos respectively. If you’re already a fan of the weird kids, you won’t need too much conviction to be at Falana’s shows.

The first show in her Uncover’d series will be holding at the Iamsigo showroom, Victoria Island Lagos on Friday, June 24, 2016.


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