How ending Flavour’s nudity can change the world

flavour shirtless

This is not a rant.

In case you didn’t get the memo,  Flavour N’abania is an African sex symbol. This is a feat he has achieved by continuously appearing shirtless in music videos and public events.

Flavour’s I Dey Catch Cold remix features Mavin records first lady Tiwa Savage. The accompanying music video depicts a shirtless Flavour in a winter wonderland. The words Me I dey catchy cold are repeated through the course of the song yet the Ashawo crooner remains unclothed. Even as he shivers to death at the close of the video, he refuses to do the needful and get himself a shirt. Not stating the obvious but cold. Clothes. No brainer.

Clearly we have to buy Flavour some shirts, to save him from his own self.  The singer has continued this shirtless run similarly across events and many of his music videos (especially the ones shot outdoors). Bathing in ororo  and taking off his shirt may be pleasing to some people, but is that worth putting himself at risk of pneumonia like the over sabi doctors claim? We must buy Mr Flavour some shirts to avert a tragedy, because God forbid we don’t see his twisting waists again.


The real argument however is usually left undiscussed.

There seems to be a silent agreement allowing Flavour to portray himself as a sex symbol in a country where his female counterparts would face heavy scrutiny for doing the very same thing. Flavour and his greasy body seem to get away with it. Everytime.

Reason for Flavour’s free rein isn’t far from obvious. Sex is pandered shamelessly by the media all over the world. The unfair double standard placed on the nudity of genders is also a relatively universal phenomenon. Male nudity is often celebrated or received with indifference at the very least. Female nudity is objectified instead, then met with judgemental disdain by the same hypocrites who ogle the unclad female forms. If there was any justice in the world, Flavour should be called out, or women in pop who need a similar form of self-expression should be left alone.

Nonetheless, we admit there may be plotholes in this argument  as we cannot absolutely rule out the possibility that Flavour may just have a general disdain for shirts and this too should be okay by us.



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