Music review: If ‘Chike’ is Ice Prince’s biggest song, then we’re really worried for him

A few weeks ago, Ice Prince tweeted he was about to release the biggest song of his life.

Save for a couple of blogs and sites (present company not included,) who considered the tweet newsworthy, many gleaned the tweet with a side-eye, silently anticipating his next moves.

True to his word, after a series of tweets hinged around a certain ‘Chike’ he was looking for, Ice Prince released a song with the same title. The content of the song, however, made us wonder if perhaps Ice Prince gave his twitter password to the wrong person when the tweet “I am about to release  the biggest song of my life” was made by the same account.
VIDEO: Olamide – Abule Sowo
Ice Prince seems to have taken a page out of Olamide’s Abule Sowo playbook to make Chike as a sonically alternate version of  the YBNL boss’ hit.  It shares the same tempo and pattern but with none of the grit or energy Olamide’s charismatic vocal presence carries. The output is dull and uninspiring.

Even worse, the thematic idea of “Chike the underestimated class dunce” could have worked better with a story tied to it. But between Ice Prince rapping May God bless my parents/na dem been dey pay rent  and a lazy attempt to clone Olamide’s hit, we don’t think any real life Chike(s) will be impressed.
korede bello-660x336

Chike features Korrede Bello, whose  voice unsurprisingly sits perfectly into the loose instrumental arrangement produced by CKay.

Sadly, despite Korrede Bello’s great track record of hits over his last few singles, Ice Prince’s Chike struggles thematically and sonically for an identity other than cloy or extreme tediousness. Which instantly questions his decision to break the news of his Chocolate City exit same day the song was released. It all just reeks of a tacky plan to promote a song that has potential fail written all over it.

Our biggest fear, however, is that Chike may be the lead single off his upcoming Jos To The World third studio album. Considering the critical failure of his Fire of Zamani album, it will be foolhardy for Ice Prince to not consider new drawing board tactics for the unreleased LP. If Chike is a taste of what is to come, we would just be saving our pennies before the record even gets a release date.

We don’t know if Ice Prince has other mediocre tricks up his sleeves yet, but we can categorically say this may be the lowest point of his career since he broke out with Oleku in 2011. There is no way he has a great view from down there.


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