Inside ‘New Era’: 5 songs from Kiss Daniel’s debut you should have on all your playlists


Kiss Daniel’s album dropped on Sunday after what many have called a botched album release party, but if we didn’t judge the man by his refusal to tell us his real age, we’re definitely not going to throw his album out because his team messed up its roll-out.

Over the weekend, we gave ‘New Era’ a couple of listens. We must admit that while we were not very impressed with the album production, there are mighty high points on the collective that struck us as great playlist worthy material for any occasion.


Sean Kingston may not have licensed this Afrobeat-infused refix of  Beautiful Girls , but for the sake of the music, we doubt he’d have a problem with the output (or not, we really don’t know). Regardless of the inspiration behind the song, Kudi is the song you play for partners that didn’t believe in you when the going was tough but try to return when things change for the better. Kiss Daniel plays around the clap-tempo of the instrumentation as he attempts to chase a lost lover away from his new life with a stick. Daniel’s style of building catchy refrains around the chorus are littered across the album, but it doesn’t work anywhere else as it does here.

Recommended Playlist: Pop

Another Day

Hustle anthems are expected to be points of somber reflection on any album and on New Era, the same formula is repeated. But instead of watery fake-deep hustle stories, Kiss Daniel smiths a beautiful pop song built around getting up every morning to chase a new goal. If you ever need an uplifting hustle song that also sounds great, It’s Another day, another hit with this one

Recommended Playlist: Keep Ya Head Up/Hustle


Between Woju and Good Time, Kiss Daniel always seems to be battling with love against the odds of his current circumstance. And on Duro, he is willing to break boundaries to be with the one he loves even though she seems to be apparent on leaving. The best thing about this song, however, is the smoothness of Kiss Daniel’s vocals on what listens like a slightly over produced song. This guy wins all the time and this love song is another medal we should hand to him.

Recommended Playlist: Love Songs

All God

If you think Adekunle Gold’s Pick Up or Reekado Banks’ Oluwa Ni were great songs, then All God won’t have to do too much to convince you.

Recommended Playlist: Post-Church/End of the year

Good Time

We really wanted to put another song in the place of this one since it was pre-released before the album dropped, but the sheer ingeniousness of acoustic instruments scattered on this afro-jazzy song with vocal samples as synths feels more like an artwork than an ordinary song. Besides how many Nigerian songs fit the description of the Lagos night life so perfectly? Loosen up guys, you really have to listen to this song again.

Recommended Playlist: Feel Good Jamz


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