How to make a hit song according to the gospel of YBNL


Get a fire producer.

Your producer must be able to do damage to people’s ears and minds. Beyond your producer’s ability to have a listening ear for great music, another important feature you need from your producer is a daringly bold provocative producer signature.

Get a fire beat.

This instrumentation must single-handedly possess enough power to confuse your audience and make them lose their home training. But they must retain their abilities to move their bodies.


Confuse your listeners.

As expected, your average listener is already confused by the first few seconds of the song. Now kindly but gently increase the level of that confusion listeners by using something ambiguous and meaningless to introduce yourself.

Finding the perfect hook.

To find the perfect hook you need one thing and one thing only. A baseless slang or colloquial between 3-5 syllables will always get the job done. There’s no need for context or meaning; the more abstract the better. All you need is that one memorable slang placed after your chorus.  This one word must be memorable enough to make social media updates, but ambiguous enough for nobody to bother figuring out what it means.

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Olamide YBNL acts

The epic effects.

You can never go wrong with adding epic background vocals to your hooks and verses. Culled from a similar style called “Ajasa” often used by Fuji singers, an epic effect is that excited voice in the back ground giving everything your say a new level of importance. Lil Kesh particularly demonstrates this with the “Ahh” in Shoki. and “Ehnn” in Efejoku.

 Nursery rhyme flow.

This is the most defining feature of a YBNL song because there is an ingenious idea behind it. Particularly when you realise there is a reason you haven’t forgotten all the limericks you learnt as a child. Those rhymes were so catchy because they had three major features; a memorable rhythm, rhyme scheme and a consistent pattern. Most YBNL hits have followed this simplistic formula to the teeth by keeping each line between 7-8 syllables and maintaining a consistent pattern through the entire song.

Misogynist lyrics.

Sprinkle your lyrics with details about the shape and size of the female buttocks and other related sexist descriptions of the female form. Keep things sexy by describing some instances where a girl looked sexually attractive. Always conclude with taking her back to your house for sex body inspection.


Repeat everything

Repeat your hook. Repeat your verses, repeat your bridge.  Repeat the slangs you used all through the entire song. Repeat your instrumental hook. Repeat everything until you’re sure your fans have heard everything you said enough times to burn the song into their minds and have them annoying their colleagues and friends the next day.

Extra ingredients.

You already have most of your hit, but here are some extra tips. Firstly, If you must sing, do so in the name of autotune. Secondly, background vocals will always be your saving grace and finally your lyrics don’t have to make sense, nobody listens to these things anyway.


See  you on top of the charts 


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