Milli is coming after M.I and this time, shots have officially been fired

Milli may already be laying claim to his former label boss’ place at the perch of Nigerian hip hop with his latest single Unlooking and you only need the album art to tell.

Milli’s latest single is littered with several shots fired at the Chocolate City boss, indicating the newcomer does not necessarily plan to wait on M.I’s response before dragging him out in the open and on the beat.

Unlooking is a remixed version of a similarly titled number released under Chocolate City last year. Milli highlights how M.I had forced him to re-record the prior released version in pidgin-English to give some Nigerian texture to the song, which Milli strongly opposed. The new version of the song is the birth child of the creative differences Milli and M.I failed to find a compromise for during their time together. So its no surprise that Milli used the opportunity to shoot snide remarks M.I’s way.

Unlooking opens with,

Teach me how to get this fucking wealth/But don’t teach me how to be somebody else/Don’t try to tell me how to write a fucking verse men/If I had a problem, you gonna probably be the first.

All three lines are a direct reference to M.I’s alleged attempts to change Milli’s sound to be more like certain artistes, and to write his music in pidgin-English. Also, the allegations of his former label boss’ refusal to actually pay him any thing for his production and song writing contributions on M.I’s Chairman album.

There are other subtle shots littered across the song, but it’s really hard to pay attention to looming drama when a song like Unlooking with bass heavy kicks and a catchy chorus is playing inside your headphones.

If M.I’s plan is to wait out this drama until it magically goes away, Unlooking is just the perfect song to counter that strategy because the media only needs a couple of days to catch on to this.


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