Skales, KCee and 6 other Nigerian artistes we love to hate



We cannot give an exact date for when Skales entered the Nigerian bad books but the Nigerian public has refused to find a reason to like the former EME rapper. Coupled with his explosive twitter scuffle with Wizkid in 2015, the rapper is constantly the butt of failed bomb detonation jokes. According to Nigerian internet, his entire career has refused to blow-up. Cold.


Cynthia Morgan:

Somewhere between her age, a questionable accent and her uneven skin tone, Cynthia Morgan is easily everyone’s un-favourite Nigerian artist.


Mode 9:

Mode 9 may be one of Nigeria’s most revered veteran rappers, but he is not the most loved. The rapper’s public image has suffered major backlash due to Nigeria’s obsession with the celebrity culture and its vanities, none of which Mode 9 can give. This is further worsened by his eagerness to sorely remind everyone about his age-long proficiency and experience in a game that has only rewarded him with questionable back to back wins of lyricist on the roll at the Headies.

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Five Star Music’s KCee has never been anybody’s favourite person. The singer shot to fame with the maiden edition of Star Quest in 2004. This marked the beginning of a series of fortunate events in KCee’s life despite his mediocre prowess as an entertainer. KCee is not the first of his kind, but he is the only one who sings with his nose  and dances with his neck buried in his body. His greatest sin by many measures was his solo on the We are the world cover  by African artists. Still hard to believe someone decided to make a song with talents from all over Africa and Kcee had a solo. A fucking solo?  Unacceptable.


Tunde Ednut:

Comedian and singer Tunde Ednut is the perfect example of an individual famous for being famous. The highlight of his career came when he released the visuals for his Buga reloaded song in 2013. The video featured full grown men buried neck-deep into the ground, a fully clothed Tunde Ednut in a bathtub and  a myriad of other questionable oddities. Whether the intent was to be funny or creative we are unsure but by the time the clip hit social media, Tunde Ednut was eaten alive by everybody. His  public image hasn’t found a revival point ever since.



Nobody really knew Skibi or his music, until a PR stunt gone wrong pronounced him dead. Five Star Music, his record label has repeatedly blamed misrepresentation of information as the cause of Skibi’s death rumors but a lot of details still don’t add up. Now Skibi’s formerly non-existent public image has been dragged  into a pit of public disdain because his management tried to be sleek with his brand.



Nigeria’s self-proclaimed Gospel bad-girl was your favourite blogger’s goldmine. Until people stopped caring. The singer’s social media accounts are constantly updated with raunchy images and suggestive captions. Bloggers thirst for her, with the hopes of scoring increased traffic. Her audience gawks at her picture and turn around to judge her for them.  She can’t win.



Things might have been different if singer Jaywon hadn’t kick-started his career with 2face’s former record label Kennis Music. 2face exited the label in 2007 and Jaywon was signed the following year with the insurmountable task of filling the huge shoes he left behind. The whispers of fraud and maltreatment directed at the label following 2face’s departure meant nobody was looking to listen to anything from the Keke and D1 owned label, besides 9ice was already making major waves in the industry with a similar sound.



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