5 things we shall be forever grateful to Mr Eazi for

We’re grateful for Mr. Eazi for these 5 reasons

Sound Shift

Mr. Eazi

Wizkid may be the most recognized frontier for global Afrobeats, but Guardian Life dubbed as Mr. Eazi as ‘The Sound of Africa’ and no description has been apter. Eazi’s sound is not only an especially minimalist reinvention of a genre overwrought with too many distracting noises and auto-tune, it is also authentically African. While other neo-Afrobeat artists opt for Western and Carribean influenced styles, Mr. Eazi simply replicated the same new-age sound with a super-chilled light weight Afro-vibe. Thanks to him Africa will not only be exporting an edited pseudo-Americo-Carribean sound as “Afrobeats’, we will have our own, from our boy, Mr. Eazi.

Ghana-Nigeria bridge

Nigerians and Ghanaians may never agree on who has the better jollof rice, darker skin or people, but at least we agree on Mr. Eazi. Before now, only Ghana’s Sarkodie managed to carve a Nigerian fan base for himself, but now we have Mr. Eazi who was born in Nigeria but spent his teenage years in Ghana. He has balanced levels of exposure to both cultures and soundscapes. And even better he started out music in Ghana and blew up in Nigeria. Fellow Nigerians, after so many years of competing like bitter housewives, we finally have one thing in common with Ghana and there is nothing you can do about it.

“Zaga That”

mr. eazi
Mr. Eazi’s signature is only a two-word phrase (if and only if ‘Zaga’ is considered a word anyway), but it’s one of the most defining things about his music. ‘Zaga’ is an expression coined from the adlibs of reggae and reggaeton music, though what it means is not exactly defined, artists usually use it to denote a certain peak a song has reached. For a Mr. Eazi whose entire sound does not require a plateau, Zaga That is a near-ironic opening for his laidback style of music and however intended, that is a kind of brilliance on its own.


After the untimely drop of Wande Coal from the map, many fans wondered if we will be stuck with Wizkid’s carefree songwriting and Davido’s coarse agbero voice on hooks forever. But now we have Mr. Eazi, another god at crafting sticky nearly-unforgettable hooks. We don’t have to deal with Davido’s auto-tune or Wizkid’s obtuse lyricism ever again.

Living up to the hype

Mr. Eazi
You ever like an artist over one song only to get heartbroken when you find their subsequent materials are utter trash? Well, Mr. Eazi is not that kind of guy. Though if you ask us, we’d say even Eazi must be amazed at how quickly Nigeria and the rest of the world have caught up to his sound. He had been at the edge of fame in the Ghanian underground for at least two years before the waves of his sound hit Nigeria like a Tsunami. Initial prediction of many skeptics was that Mr. Eazi’s music would fizzle out of the airwaves as quickly as it gained prominence. But Mr. Eazi has since flawed that theory with a warchest of hits, guest features and remixes with A-list Nigerian artists. Long live Mr Eazi, long  live the Eazi life.


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