Music Review: Reekado Banks’ ‘Standard’ may be the perfect summer jam

Don Jazzy must have heard the calls for the need to diversify his label’s sound by allowing other producers into his inner circle of artistes. For Reekado Banks’ Standard, in-house producer, Aluko Timothy also known as Altims is put at the helm of things with deft fingers kneading into both small detail and big bangs. Like his mentor Don Jazzy, the background instrumentals are underlined by a heavy infectious baseline, peppered with soft kicks.

But Altims displays his sound arrangement mastery best with jazz snares highlighting Banks’ every Standard on the chorus, nearly inaudible pop synths and marching band trumpets that accentuate the drum roll on the second chorus. Clearly Don Jazzy should have allowed other producers work with his ‘children’ a long time ago.

Reekado Banks’ Standard is actually your average Nigerian radio song. Themes are looped around the same typical Nigerian radio song motif of wealth, getting blessings from God and getting a girl to twist her gyrating waist in new exotic ways. But this is not to say there are no great playback points on the single, they are just not to be found in the songwriting.

Reekado Banks’ attempt to distance himself from Wizkid’s iconic sound continue on Standard. The mid tempo speed of the instrumentation saves him the hassle of having to keep his words apart for clarity and distinction as we heard on Oluwa Ni. Besides Wizkid has been leaning a lot more towards slower paced chill wave tempos which makes Banks’ latest single the perfect antithesis to any thing we have heard from the Wiz lately.

Reekado Banks may not maturing as quickly as we expected, but he has come a long way since writing, composing and performing Dorobucci alongside his label mates. We know he is talking about his money, label and goons holding him down but his current flow has enough ear worm potential. So far, Banks’ is looking good, for a pop star. The remaining rough edges are nothing confidence and better song writing cannot fix.


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