No, D’banj, the king is not here!

Dbanj_bachelorHow long are we going to cope with the garbage D’banj churns out whenever he wants?

Are we going to pretend that the Kokomaster, is now only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal these days?

What is quite baffling amid the hot mess, is the narcissim he tries to shove down out throats.

His new effort is title released today is ‘The king is here’.

LOL. What a joke!

Not even the Northern flavour that Sani Danja brings, is able to redeem this one. Non-starter, this jam.

D’banj needs to channel all this energy, into cajoling Don Jazzy to work on a couple of tracks with him.

Or else it will get to a point, where we don’t even bother to download anything with his name on it.


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