Poll: Who has done more for Yoruba rap, Olamide or DaGrin?

We’d let sleeping dogs lie if we could, but we can’t.

The years following the untimely demise of rapper DaGrin have been riddled with arguments about Nigerian hip hop and the rise of new school leaders. Though these arguments have been relatively balanced over the years, the question of the contribution of DaGrin’s death to Olamide’s incredible run still remains unanswered.

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DaGrin and Olamide did relatively different kinds of Yoruba rap. Where Olamide has leaned towards poppy hooks and party songs with heavy drums, DaGrin’s discography contains a lyrical mash-up of social issues and hustle stories.

Though both of them have identified with the grime and struggles of coming from  their backgrounds. It is clear they were affected differently by the realities they were individually exposed to.

VIDEO: Olamide – Eyan Mayweather


Olamide emerged as a fresh page off the same playbook as DaGrin, only the younger rapper ripped out all the old pages and began re-writing the stories anew with better wordplay and market appeal. His discography has  evolved over the year to a perfectly marketable sound, sometimes as far away from DaGrin’s grime and hustle sounds as possible.

Both artistes have their strengths and weaknesses but we cannot help buy wonder, who has done more for the advancement and institutionalizing of Yoruba rap?

Who has done more for Yoruba rap, Olamide or DaGrin??

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