Poll: Is the P-Square brand on life support?

Group and collaborative efforts almost never see the light of day in Nigeria. Up until recently, the majority of the public largely believed P-Square had insulated itself from all the familiar controversies that have brought other groups crumbling down like a pack of dominoes. But alas it seems the majority of the public was wrong.


After a series of tweets by Peter Okoye declaring Jude Okoye as unfit to manage the P-Square brand, the group seems to be on the verge of it’s second major conflict since their last disagreement in 2013. With Paul in the middle and opting to side with Jude, the group may finally be at that knotty cross road we never thought they would reach, that dark place where business overlaps family and everything goes straight to hell.


While the Nigerian public has been mostly indecisive about whose side to choose, we cannot say we didn’t see this coming.

For over two years, the dynamic duo have worked on individual projects and bagged individual endorsements that would have naturally gone to the P-Square brand as a team. From Peter’s Dance With Peter reality show to Paul’s Family Planning campaign with Tiwa Savage, it  has been evident for a while that the P-Square boat is indeed sailing in different directions.

Since Peter’s tweets hit the Internet, the Nigerian media has been hot and bothered about the possibility of a P-Square split. Conspiracy theorists have even gone as far as drawing skeptical conclusions about the possibility of a PR stunt for an album release at play in the mix here. But the brand has been so fortified that a split would be the last thing the brothers would capitalize on for an album release.

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To begin with, there are already rumours big joint endorsements like Glo are dropping the group as ambassadors. Besides, the rigmarole of internal conflict within the duo is a road we have been upon before. Fans are simply being thrown in circles for an exhausting and tedious emotional turmoil. The chain reaction is the cohesive fan base they have built over the years beginning to lose faith in them as the icons they signed up to support.


PSquare has been one of Africa’s biggest pop music exports for over 15 years. A cohesive creative relationship that has spanned 6 platinum LPs, world tours (well…) and countless sold-out concerts.

A split by the group will not only have a devastating effect on the viability of African music on international fronts, it will  also leave a gaping hole in the industry that will be left blank for years to come.

With recent developments revealing Peter Okoye is already holding solo events without his brother and the inability of either party to come to a coda, this latest conflict may finally be the straw that will send the Okoye brothers sprawling in opposite directions.

What do you think guys?

Will P-Square make it through the storm this time around?

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