Poll: Who had the better freestyle hit, Wande Coal with ‘Ghana Freestyle’ or Terry G’s ‘Freemadness’?

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Terry G did not exactly set out to be the ebullient singer he turned out to be. In 2008, the singer was like any other, trying to carve  an afropop niche for himself with his debut single Love You Sexy. But in 2009, an oddly titled song found its way into the media with Terry G’s imprint and it consequently became not only the biggest song of his career but a blueprint for both a new persona and music to be built around.


Free Madness, according to Terry G was a mistake. He had gotten slightly intoxicated and went into the studio to have a bit of fun.

A few days later, the song leaked on the internet and Terry G became a sensation like never seen before. The brash lyricism that ranged between actual gibberish and your everyday shake-your-nyansh type lyrics, set to a furious beat coupled with Terry G’s catchy Testing microphone eh/Terry G testing microphone eh opening lines made the song a humongous hit.

With Terry G’s raw vocals auto-tuned, the song spread like wildfire through the media and Terry G milked it across two subsequent even grittier remixes tagged ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’. The style and delivery of Free Madness has been over-flogged and replicated severally by Terry G as a signature ever since.

If anyone remembers anything about Wande Coal’s epic 2010 Ghana Freestyle, it would be the WC’s “Did you record that shit” question after the beat stopped. Yes we agree the move could have been part of the calculated decisions behind the song’s production to improve the authenticity of its “freestyleness”. But listening to Wande Coal’s playful and occasionally incoherent lyrics, we don’t know how anyone can doubt the freestyle turned hit was a result of a spontaneous romance between Wande Coal and a beat he could not resist placing vocals on.


The result leaked on the internet a few days later and it appeared even Wande Coal did not anticipate the positive reaction that came with the song.

A couple of months later, a studio version titled Kiss Your Hand, remastered for R2Bees was released. The new version only retained some of the passable lines from the original freestyle with added vocals from Mugeez and Padae of group R2Bees.

Though the new mix was a more cohesive song and equally well-received, the original freestyle edit already gained a cult following from fans desperate for anything new from Wande Coal after his M2M debut dropped in 2008. Subsequently, Kiss Your Hand became one the biggest songs of 2010.

So tell us guys,

Which of these freestyles was the better one?

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