Poll: Who is the best female vocalist in Nigeria?


While male egos are constantly clashed together by fans and artistes alike when the discourse of the best at something or better of a duo are raised, for female artistes with active music careers, lips are usually mum.

But the fact that we are not all the same is general knowledge, in fact, some of us are Martians. So It becomes somewhat of a pop culture mystery that despite the wide array of talented female singers with active careers all over the country, nobody has considered comparing them in skill, delivery and vocal dexterity.

From soon-to-be veterans like Asa to younger generation songbirds like Lola Rae, Nigerian women have some of the best voices the continent has to offer.

But who is the best of them all?

We all also agree to the difference in their styles considering heavy-voiced singers like Chidinma are on a different vocal plane from sultry singers like Simi. But even if comparisons are based off sentiments rather than technical higi-haga about their vocal pitches, dexterity or falsetto sustenance, it is still as valid as any other ranking to determine who the best female singers in Nigeria are.

Please take the poll below by selecting five from the listed female singers below

Which of these female artistes have the better voice?

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If your preferred female singer is not on this list, please indicate in the comment section below.





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