Rumour has it that some of your favourite artistes are well… doing demons

We get it, that headline makes no sense, but you have to hear us out first.

It was a fine Tuesday like any other at our Redux office in Surulere when an upcoming, moderately successful artiste stepped in trying to score some promotional points for an upcoming project. Our love for music demands we support anyone with talent, but during our meeting, our artiste guest got loose lipped about some deep industry practices and immediately our journalistic senses kicked in.

Anyway, while we entertained our guest (who must not be named, because this was revealed to us in confidence,) we got to learn that some of Nigeria’s biggest artistes have been plying diabolical routes to success. Though we’re not allowed to mention some of the names involved, our guest mentioned that one particular A-list artist who is undoubtedly at the top of his game has a certain mystery herbalist in Ibadan who concocts his magical potions for success. He also went further to explain how some artistes have certain rites they must carry out before making some certain artistic decisions on music videos and live performances.

According to him, the operations of this shadowy underworld is very extensive as many famous artistes today have taken the same so-called “deal with the devil” route to success over the years without public knowledge. Though he denies any affiliation with this side of the industry at the moment, he admits that temptation rears its head on a daily basis and he can only hold it off for so long.

Of course, any rational thinker would dismiss any thoughts of their favourite artistes getting spiritual support from the metaphysical world, but as journalists we had even more serious questions.

The obvious question is how much Nollywood anyone who agrees this is possible has been watching? Now to more logical questions; How does this jazz work exactly? Do the demons give inspirations for songs, or is it written on a slab like the ten commandments then revealed to the artiste on a mountain in Ibadan? More importantly, does Vic-O have any hope? Besides, who helped 9ice with his jazz and why didn’t he demand a refund after the Gongo Aso years expired?

We agree, this is just us trolling, but it doesn’t make the thought that the cult following for some of our best artistes may have been influenced by unknown forces any less scary. US-based media personality Kemi Olunloyo controversially accused Olamide of visiting ritualists in 2015. Aunty Kemi isn’t the most reliable of sources but does she know something we don’t?

If you are the paranoid type who likes to grasps at straws or connect invisible dots, this gist must have you excited.


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