Soul singer Maka set to release debut EP ‘Truth’

Barely a quarter of the year has passed and many things have already happened with Nigerian music. A-listers are releasing whole collectives and hits are being spun from therein. With that in mind, singer Maka is set to make the first steps towards carving her niche with the recently announced release date for her debut Truth EP.


We spoke to Maka earlier this year and we can assure you the self-dubbed afrosoul singer is definitely a welcome development in a recently rejuvenated soul music world that houses some of the best songwriters the world has to offer like Miguel and Frank Ocean, only Maka comes with a unique African twist to spice everything up.

Maka’s track record culminates in soft pedal quasi-R&B numbers like ‘Ife (Love)’ and more poetic numbers like ‘Mu Na Gi (You And I)’. Her Truth EP will be looking to float rhythms around the same topics of love, life and happiness, the base genre has always been identified with without sacrificing her signature afrocentric and soulful style and patios.

With up and coming hip hop, DJ and producer Teck-Zilla on the deck, Maka excitedly discusses the inspiration for the record. Hear her, “making this EP came as true and pure to me as anything I’ve ever done. I wasn’t trying to please anyone but myself. Working with Teck-Zilla never felt contrived, we weren’t rushed or disturbed, and we had the freedom to create whatever we wanted. That’s where the title of the record comes from, in the sense that creating it was indeed true”.


Accompanying the release of Maka’s Truth EP is a self-titled live concert billed to hold in Freedom Park Lagos, 16th of this month.



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