The story behind Iyanya’s ‘from the bed to the bedroom’ is even more ridiculous than you thought

How did this video slip past the internet?


Its been almost a year and Iyanya still seems to be haunted by the ghosts of his errors past. After a series of hilarious clips and memes hit the internet, questioning the logic behind Iyanya’s infamous ‘from the bed to the bedroom’ line, the singer decided to add another plot twist to the song.

Speaking with in the ember months of 2015, Iyanya revealed fans may have heard wrong because he never actually said ‘from the bed to the bedroom’.

Iyanya revealed what he actually meant was “birthroom” not “bedroom”. According to him, he could not properly pronounce the “th” in “bathroom” so the actual words of the sentence got lost in translation after the song got mixed and mastered.

To prove his point, he emphasises that he made hand gestures describing a pregnant woman when he lipsynched the line in the accompanying music video.



In a perfect world, Iyanya’s explanation would suffice as a logical underpinning to what many have tagged as the height of decay in Nigerian music lyrics. But we can’t be the only ones who feel his response is just a tad bit too convenient.

To begin with, there is no such thing in any context, capacity or realm as “birthroom”. Secondly, Phonetically, “D” and “Th” sounds are closely related, it shouldn’t take a PR genius to know that the perfect response to public backlash, in this case, is to associate the sounds or blame it on some technical difficulty. This cannot be the first time artistes have used similar sounding words that were misinterpreted after production magic dust was sprinkled on them. How was Iyanya’s case the first exception?

We want to believe, Iyanya, we really do, but the singular fact that Nigerian artistes are constantly freestyling and adlibbing their lyrics with only base level content editing at best, already makes it impossible to make a case for Iyanya by default.

Sorry Mr Oreo, you weren’t slick enough to get away with this one. Between the bedroom and the birthroom and any other room, you make your music from, we really hope you start paying more attention to whatever the hell you’re actually  saying.



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