Terry G gets up to speed with Ferrari

Terry-G-0987Terry G, a.k.a the Akpako Master is not a new name in the Nigerian mainstream music industry.

He has produced and performed hit songs like “Sangalow” “Sexy Lady” and “Free Madness”. But since 2013, he has been losing pace with the fastest growing music industry in Africa and many including myself started wondering if he was past his peak.

Well, after going back to his drawing board, he is back on the radar with his new “Ferrari”.

The production was on point of course. But what surprised us was that his signature bell ringing was absent.

What about the delivery? Good enough to move the song straight into any Nigerian music playlist.

Yes, the Akpako master is back, with less ginger, but with more maturity and tenacity. Let’s watch and see how long his comeback will last.


Jasper Atakefa is a music lover and a sports addict, he tweets via @JasperAtakefa


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