This is friendly reminder to Adekunle Gold that he owes us an album this month

A few weeks ago, news that Adekunle Gold was working on his debut album hit the media and of course you already know how we reacted to that news.
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Adekunle Gold featured on Creatives and Criticism podcast where he revealed the album was initially slated for a June release. However, according to him, he had to push back the release date to accommodate Ramadan fasting by his Muslim fans in the same month. Which is a noble reason considering the month of Ramadan is regarded as one of the holiest months in Islam and even Adekunle Gold’s music could taint the halos of our fasting brothers and sisters.


But many would agree that with Muslim Eid celebrations starting tomorrow, Ramadan is finally over and all that is left is for Adekunle Gold to fulfill the promise of dropping an album. Not like we’re getting paranoid Adekunle Gold would pull a Frank Ocean on us (okay, maybe we’re a little paranoid about that) and postpone the album release indefinitely. But between Nigerian artists having poor album roll out structure and our anticipation for what an album crafted by a multi-skilled artist will look like, we’re simply waiting for some update on a promised July date we can mark on our calendar.

So in a way, this is public service announcement for Adekunle Gold to pick up the call and give us specifics on the progress on his album as well as a release date.


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