Styl-Plus-New-600x401The Abuja based R&B/Pop group made up of Shifi, Zeal and Tunde, was regarded as Nigeria’s answer to the likes of America’s boy band, Boyz II Men.

Styl-Plus were a breath of fresh air to the music scene with their catchy tunes, engaging lyrics and infusion of local languages to making the song appealing to all.

On today’s throwback edition, we take a look at 5 classic songs from this group that earned them their legendary status in our minds.

  1. Olufunmi: This was one of their very first singles, it became an instant hit and grew to become one of the most requested and most played songs on any Nigerian radio station between 2004 and 2005.
  2. Runaway: A classic love song also released preceding their debut album, it easily followed the success gained by Olufunmi.
  3. Imagine That: This was actually the official lead single from the debut album ‘Expressions’, and it became an instant chart topper, the song broke boundaries and was not just a Nigerian hit but a favorite across Africa.
  4. Call My Name: At some point, the group just seemed not to be able to do no wrong and Call My Name strengthened their stance as a group that was no fluke in the pan.
  5. Four Years: The group we all love went MIA starving music lovers of their voice and creative sounds, then after four years they released this new single which again became a hit and showed that they still had the ability to blend with the new sound in the industry.

It is rumored that the group may be re-uniting come 2016 and blessing us with some new music, we just can’t wait.



Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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