Billz vs Savage: 5 things you must know about Tiwa before you choose sides


Nothing lights up the Internet like a juicy scandal and this morning, the Nigerian media had a fresh one thrown on its laps after Tiwa Savage’s husband,Tee Billz hit the Instagram with Internet-breaking reveals about the state of his marriage to the Mavin first lady.

With a total of 9 posts captioned with tabloid-worthy insights into his marriage, Tee Billz succeeded in smashing the Internet this morning. The former manager to Savage touched heavily on bedroom issues that ranged from his own personal mental health struggles to Tiwa Savage’s alleged infidelity and even more shocking accusations about occultism by Tiwa’s mother.

Though he immediately came forward to cite the posts as a result of a hack attack, not many people are buying it. This is mostly understandable because most of his reveals have always been speculated anyway by tabloids and rumour mongers.

Besides there is no smoke without fire and the indications that Tiwa Savage’s fairy tale wedding did not translate into a fairy tale married life are almost undeniable. With many sides to every story, Tee Billz may just have gained the upper hand while trying to earn public support by airing his side of his the story first.

Only Tiwa Savage has not been really silent on her own part.

So for the sake of fairness, here are 5 things you should know before you choose sides.


Rumours of Tiwa Savage getting abused have always been hanging in the air.

Though speculations are not always the best sources to cite for heavy handed stuff like marital abuse, Tiwa Savage’s has always been in the media. In fact according to reports, her decision to fire her husband as her manager was one of the first signs of her counter reaction to a series of abuse she suffered in his hands. An anonymous source particularly told that the worst incident of violence by Tee Billz was an argument between Tiwa Savage and Tee Bilz in Ghana that landed her in the hospital the moment she touched down in Lagos.

Tiwa made a song about abuse on her R.E.D album.

Tiwa Savage’s sophomore album R.E.D may have slipped through the cracks of the media due to its relatively average repay value, but it didn’t mean it was completely weightless. One of such highlighted sonic bus stops on the album is Say It an uplifting song about seeking help instead of suffering in silence. Though no details are given and most of the lyrics are vague, on her BBC interview she had this to say when she was asked about the song . “African women go through a lot, emotionally and physically,” she says “So basically it’s just saying we need to talk about it, which is one of the things I feel like we don’t do in Africa”

Tiwa Savage loosely discussed sexual harassment in the music industry.

In relation to Tee Billz infidelity accusations, you should know that Tiwa Savage was one of the speakers at the Youth Enterprise Conference 2016 which held at Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, in March and she was quick to touch on the issue of sexual harassment in the industry. She said “A lot of times they said that they wanted to help me but actually they wanted me to do ‘something’ with them. Luckily I had a crazy boyfriend who ended up being my husband. He just shut them down”

She tried to tell us about her abuse with subliminal messages.

One of the videos released off her R.E.D album is If I Start To Talk which features Dr .Sid. The central theme of the song was mostly about thanking God for how far she has come, considering how much she has gone through.  2FACE-FT-SAUTI-SOL

Using this narrative, Clarence Peters displayed some subliminal messages we have no doubt was influenced by Tiwa Savage’s private life. One of such messages can be seen in the image above.

She talked about being depressed on her BBC interview.

In Febraury, Tiwa Savage was interviewed by Bola Monsuro on BBC world service where she discussed suffering from post-natal depression after the birth of her son Jamal. Though she made no mention of her depression triggers or whether her depression has anything to do with her husband. If anything, this indicated that all was not very rosy in her marriage.


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