Today is World Music Day so we had 11 people tell us what music means to them

“I am a student which means my life can sometimes get very rigid with strict adherence to clocks and submission deadlines. Music serves as a sort of escape into just the right amount of fluidity I need to keep things balanced.” – Maryam

“I don’t know really, I never really think too deeply about these things. All I know is, if the music is good, I’ll probably listen to it.” – Seyi

“For me, music is anything that uses rhythm to compel the mind. Good music can save your life though, I’ll tell you that.” – Shadia.

“Music means a lot of things to different people, but for me music is the only place you can go to hide when the rest of the world gets too loud.” – David

“Music is anything to distract me from thinking about the motionless traffic I am stuck in.” – Fola

“Music is the only thing I can trust to keep on talking while I close my eyes to sleep.” – Coreene

“Music is Fela. Music is Drake. Music is Enya. Can you see what I did there? They are three diffrent artistes, from three different generations and three diffrent genres. But they speak one language; music” – Kolapo

“Music is that sad love song your high school crush played for you but you can’t listen to anymore because every time it plays you can feel your heart shattering into a million pieces all over again.” – Enitan

“Music is what it is abeg just good jams, that’s all.” – Olu

“Music is that perfect playlist you must have at the tip of your fingers strictly for when boys start to roll-up, if you know what I mean.” – Proof

“Music is the only thing I am certain about. I don’t know when it will rain nor when the sun will come up from behind the dark clouds afterwards. I don’t even know if we humans are nothing but pieces in a twisted board game some higher powers are playing. I don’t know if we are alone in the universe or if we are nothing but a tiny speck in a series of unconnected events in an infinite time-space continum. But I know music. And that’s probably all I’ll ever know.” – Toye


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