These are the 7 worst Wizkid songs ever

We get it.

Wizkid is one of the biggest artists of his time.

But that stellar fact doesn’t excuse the fact that even the Starboy doesn’t always get it right. We have to admit that most of the songs on this list are probably bearable by Nigerian music standards, but they have merely just fallen short of the quality expected of Wizkid.

Here are some of the examples of all the times Wizkid proved himself unworthy.
VIDEO:Wizkid – Baba Nla


For an artist like Wizkid, the job description is simple, provide vocals, place a repetitive hook on the song and let the instrumentals do the rest of the magic. However on this one of many leaked freestyles, Wizkid attempts to provide lyrical content. The result is a 3-minute long horror film soundtrack with a horrendously offensive message for an artwork.

In my bed

Arguably one of the most ambiguous songs of the decade, Wizkid does what he does best on any song with no clear goal or musical direction by creating a song with multiple subject matters, zipping wildly from God to the female derriere to politicians and business moguls. The inclusion of the politicians in the song’s directionless lyrics was probably an attempt by the singer to bag himself some political favours.

Bombay (feat. Phyno)

There are so many things wrong with this song, except Phyno of course. Phyno is everything. Neither Wizkid’s exaggerated idea of the female behind, nor his attempt to mimic the Igbo accent by adding “nu-nu” to every word was funny. The low-budget video was also a no no.

Expensive shit

Quick note to any Fela enthusiast doing music. If you must sing anything related to Fela, please have something to actually say. Fela did not get persecuted, arrested and tormented for artistes like Wizkid to mooch off his legacy by making terrible music. While Fela’s Expensive shit is based on the government of the day’s attempt to frame him with drugs in 1975, Wizkid’s version is not only a terrible song in rhythm and delivery, it also rubbished Fela’s legacy by materialising a once idealistic song.The song, an ill advised attempt by Wiz to relate himself and his music to the late icon falls terribly short of achieving its low standards.




This is another Wizkid song where you thought you were listening to one thing but another thing comes up as soon as the song progresses into more complicated chords. One is left questioning some of life’s less important choices, like why anyone thought this song a great idea.


Wizkid samples lyrics off Femi Kuti’s 1994 album Wonder Wonder. Another destruction of a conscious number, the singer descends into a mosh pit of horror where sexual innuendos and haters are the sources of his own wonder.

That’s me

We can’t forget that one time Wizkid tried to rap. The singer had just been on British DJ, Tim Westwood’s show where he apparently dropped some unexpected 16(s) on an instrumentation to the surprise of fans. Wiz then returned to the studio to record a full single featuring R2Bee’s Paedae. But the studio result was awful, Wizkid’s rap voice was so annoying, fans were literally begging for Paedae verse on the song. His self-aggrandizing hook of the song also made no sense nor drew further context for the song.


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