TripleMG finally replaces former first lady Emma Nyra with Tonye Garrick


Emma Nyra’s chaotic exit from her former label Triple MG may have caused label boss Ubi Franklin to retreat into his shell for the selection of his next female signee. Thankfully the wait was worth it with the careful consideration and signing of British-Nigerian singer Tonye Garrick.

Ubi Franklin used his Instagram as a medium to announce the signing (since nobody releases a proper press release anymore) with a photo captioning Tonye’s picture with;“First Lady Alert. @whoistonye on behalf of Me The CEO Of Made Men Music and The Chairman and Board of Directors cc:@iyanya And Artiste @iyanya @teknoofficial@selebobo1 @chibbzofficial and Our Super Producer @djcoublon And staffs@mademenmusicgroup1 we Welcome You.

Garrick comes from a long line of underground artistes who have amassed a consistently growing fan base over the last two years but her industry origins lead further back.

In 2010, Tamunotonye Garrick released a debut titled What About Us, a single adopted for use at the 2011 Nigerian Youth Presidential debate. She didn’t show up on the Nigeria music radar again until the 2013 release of her refix of King Sunny Ade and Onyeka Onwenu’s Wait for Me. The single got her major traction and Garrick began to hone in on the temporary fame with the release of a follow-up single Were Niyen later that year and Criminal in 2014.

Her latest single and probably her biggest hit yet is Ari Belema a mushball wedding number that got her a ‘Most Promising act’ nomination at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Speaking on the deal, Garrick’s manager, Onyeka says “New music, new sound, new branding….the deal would last for up to 2 to 3 years, and would have the singer creatively working on something fresh. I think it is a good partnership.”

In truth, a record deal with MMMG will be the perfect springboard for the rest of her career to pick up from considering her already bustling portfolio. We can’t wait to hear her sound as a major label artiste.


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