Music Review: Ty Bello breathes hope and reassurance on ‘Land Of Promise’

TY Bello’s music usually graces our playlists with the rarity of a shooting star rolling across the face of the sky. Land Of Promise, her latest single already fits into that class of blue-moon releases, but the timeliness comes in with an immeasurable impact on a people desperately in need of assurances.

Like her 2008 classic, Greenland, the message of hope and promised harvests from a blessed land are carried on soothing vocals and minimalist keyboards and nearly non-existent drums. To echo the calming effect this song was intended to have, ambient white-noise is layered underneath TY’s soothing vocals. Even after a guitar switch up where drums are faster and back-up vocals echo the words It is well, It is well, there are no sharp edges, quick turns or loud peaks, just breathy tranquility.

According to the multi-disciplinary artist, a trip to the regions devastated by Boko Haram attacks in the North East inspired her to record Land Of Promise. Though her song writing doesn’t rely on heavy imagery or grand allusions, the mellow tempo of Land Of Promise allows TY Bello emote a deep understanding for unimaginable suffering while managing to carry a voice of comforting empathy instead of gloom.

For a country at the brink of total economic collapse, it’s hard not to be sad. This is why TY Bello sings as as a fairy godmother would, asking that we not be afraid, over and over again as one would reassure a worrying teenager about the bliss of adulthood. This may not be the soothing balm for the inactivity of Nigeria’s Federal Government or be the fixer for leaky faucets in our failing economy, or end the recursion of militants in the Niger Delta who are further constricting proceeds from a national oil revenue, but you will want this song playing in your head.

Because, this is the song you want playing as you walk into the bank to cash your last cheque after your firm lays off staff because they cannot continue to operate in Nigeria. This is the song you want your kids to sing along to, as you go about looking for means to put food in their stomachs today. Even better (or worse), according to BBC, Nigeria is officially in a recession and if there is any song you want to listen to right now, it is a song where you’re promised everything will be alright and you’re convinced to believe despite the odds stating otherwise.

Listen to Land Of Promise below


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