Video review: ‘Wishlist’ by LeriQ (ft. Wande Coal) is brilliant

With the downward spiral of the naira, everyone- including music artistes and video directors- seems to be taking internal home grown cues to save the troubled currency. This conclusion may be a stretch but watching the visuals for Leriq’s Wishlist, the only obvious thought ringing in your mind is “How the hell is this place in Nigeria?”


Kajuru Castle, Kaduna

No, seriously we have to commend whoever did research good enough to bring a fantasy castle erected in the 70s to our screens. It’s like a big slap on the faces of artistes who have extended their reach into their pockets just to make any of the United Kingdom or States their choice music video locations.

The video, directed by Mex, may not hold too much weight in content, artistic value or plot, but it sets a new landmark in the showcase of Nigerian flamboyance. A quality music videos can shamelessly root themselves in without coming up empty in terms of pop culture impact.

We feel weird about Wande Coal's new hair by the way.

We don’t know how to feel about Wande Coal’s new hair.

The video doesn’t have Wande Coal and LeriQ doing too much. Accompanied by two women on select scenes, the duo merely had just enough camera time not to show off the dream-like opulence of the videos location. From the focus of the camera at large frame zoom-out and low angle footage, Mex does not shy away from making the background location the real star of the video.

Kajuru Castle from another angle

Kajuru Castle from another angle

Wishlist is one of the greatest highlights of LeriQ’s 2015 debut album, The Lost Sounds. The song featured vocals from the same post-Mo’Hits Wande Coal that made subtle R&B numbers like Private trips. With quasi-Arabian backup vocals and instrumentation provided by  LeriQ, Wande keeps the song sexy with a near hallucinatory rhythmic mumble that can bring grown men to tears even before the chorus slips in with “Girl I’m sure you already know, I wanna touch your body”

For a song this good, we may not have expected an adjoining video to be this brilliant, but we are glad it was.



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