10 life changing reasons to be at Asa’s Live In Lagos concert today

This week, we will do a quick run through of 10 reasons to be at Asa’s debut Live In Lagos concert slated for the 1st of May 2016.

She is the finest of the finest.

Where do we begin to sell Asa to you? Which of her countless unique features can we mention here to convince you of her glory? Do we mention her poetic songwriting or her ability to play instruments? Does a near-untouchable discography and peerless work ethic suffice as a marketing pitch? How does anyone sell Asa without mentioning that she is the closest from the Kuti(s) that can win us a Grammy?. Great men do not speak where Asa stands, they only mumble and nod in affirmation of an even greater woman.

This is the first time.

Since she started out in Lagos, Nigeria, Asa has released three critically acclaimed albums and toured the world endlessly. This is the first time we are getting some of the brilliance created on Nigerian soil imported back to us and we can’t emphasise the importance of this enough.

Asa is great on stage.

Asa’s performance at the Etisalat Prize for Literature gala was one of the biggest highlights of the night. Her electrifying performance was so well put together fans demanded several encores consequently stretching her time on stage close to the hour mark with everyone on their feet singing along with her from first note to her last.

She doesn’t just perform the song.

Asa is not the most literal person with her stage performances. Instead of just appearing on stage and performing the song, Asa delivers an eclectic, immersive, near-spiritual experience for fans and concert goers. This is a woman who takes her craft very seriously, you will not be getting anything less.

You will get the best value for your money.

Not many artistes in Nigeria can hold a concert worthy of your hard-earned mulla. The flaws often stretch between poor structural organisation, the disconnect between fans and the artistes on stage and performances that neither deliver thrill nor a memorable concert-going experience. Even worse most of these vanity events are pegged at ridiculous ticket-per-head costs. However, having headlined different arenas all over the world, we can be rest assured that Asa’s concert will not suffer from all of these problems.

Her music is genreless, timeless and ageless.

There are very few artistes who can make a collective worthy of your listening after it’s peak years and Asa happens to be one of such gems. With only three albums, a handful of features and singles over the years, Asa’s music has touched more lives than artistes with bigger discographies because it defies time, taste or genre requirements. If you’re Nigerian, you must have run to Asa’s music, it is as simple as this.

Asa is your favourite celebrities’ favourite celebrity.

A vivid memory we have from attending the Etisalat Prize for Literature was the reaction of the audience to having Asa on stage. Everyone including poshly dressed corporate executives and the biggest A-list celebrities shuffled to the edge of the stage to watch Asa do her thing. It’s safe to say, no one is safe from catching the Asa bug, not even your favourite celebrity.

It will be live as fuck… literally.

Yes, she will deliver a probably unmatchable stage performance, but most of that will also be performed right in front of you without any “DJ, track 4” gimmicks. This is serious business here and it doesn’t get more serious than Asa.

It is a public holiday.

For you workaholics who use work as an excuse for everything, sorry that won’t work here. Sunday is Nigeria’s ‘National Worker’s Day’ public holiday, hence, Monday is a free day.

You get to see Asa dance.

Save for her choreographed steppings on her 2010, Be My Man video, we don’t really get to see Asa let loose and dance. But her stage performance at the Etisalat Prize for Literature had Asa not only dancing but making light-hearted humour and even displaying some theatrics. Simply said, you get to see Asa in her natural state; on stage.


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