#WCW: Asa is our woman crush everyday, but here’s why we’re crushing today


There are many things to love about Asa. Her reverent afrocentric sound and cross national appeal are only a few of all the great things we can mention if we had to. But we’re especially proud of Asa today as her Bed Of Stone album tour berths in Lagos next month.

The soul singer has been around the world touring the album since it dropped in 2014 and finally she would be gracing the Nigerian stage for her first-ever live in concert appearance next month. We can neither hide our excitement nor over emphasise how important this concert is to Nigerian music.


For a growing market, Asa’s embrace of her Nigerian heritage earns the industry a whole a lot of cool points. Not because she has not embraced her Nigerianness before, but because Asa has a massive international appeal the industry as a whole could benefit from considering the increasing exposure of Nigerian music beyond our national and continental borders.

It not only shows that Asa takes her Nigerian audience seriously, it also suggests to established major labels all over the world the potential for Nigerian music in Nigeria and outside of it, a development that is important for the return of some sense of structural common sense the industry had in the days of Fela, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey amongst others who conquered both foreign and local audiences.

Besides, for the first time in Nigeria, we will be getting an international standard live in concert from one of our own where the tickets are not overpriced and fans are still assured of getting the total value for their money. Nigerian artistes will have a lot to learn from whatever Asa presents at Eko Convention Center on the 1st of May.

School’s in session guys, get ready to see what a concert is supposed to look like.


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