WCW: 5 ways Di’Ja is more amazing than she lets on

We can all agree that over the years, Don Jazzy’s squad selection for his various labels have proven to be one of his strongest suits. The super producer has ears worth a thousand dollars and his ability to weed out talent from dust is second to none. That’s why it comes as no surprise that a bundle of talent like Di’Ja ended up under his wings.

Born Hadiza Blell, we recently got to discover that Di’Ja is more than her label and her music. Here are some of her findings.

She is not like the rest of us.


Di’Ja currently holds two degrees in Psychology and Biology. She pursued both degrees before deciding her new path was music, an endeavour she has also succeeded with.  According to her, she has her hands in other artsy fields like fashion and visual art. We also can’t shake off the feel that Di’Ja was that overachieving kid in class, the one the annoying teacher compared everyone with. Did we mention her stunning beauty yet? Is this woman even human?

She isn’t half-Nigerian.


This may not be news to some, but for the sake of emphasis, Di’Ja is actually borne of two nations to a Sierra Leonian father and a Nigerian mother. She is bi-ethnic, at least, tri-lingual and multi-national. How cool is that?

She is not a newbie.


You may not have made contact with Di’Ja’s music before the Mavins’ 2014 collaborative single Dorobucci, but Di’Ja has been around for a longer time than that. The dancehall singer started her music career in Canada in the late 2000s, before moving back to Nigeria.

She was actually successful in Canada.


Contrary to popular opinion that Di’Ja returned to Nigeria because she wasn’t big enough there, coming home was a personal move, not a career move. During her run in Canada, Di’Ja amassed some awards, nominations and record sales to earn her place. But we’re guessing she subscribed to the saying “There’s no place like home” when she decided to return.

Her black don’t crack.


Somewhere between her smooth silk skin and youthful age, Di’Ja could be mistaken for a woman in her early 20s. But a peep at her Wikipedia page would reveal, the Aww singer is actually pushing towards her mid-30s. She seems to be doing so with style and grace too.



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