#WCW: The rise and rise of Queen Yemi Alade of Africa

Yemi Alade’s royalty was never under question, the singer was born, prepped and built to rule and we can prove it to you.


Due to Africa’s colonial history, the average African child is expected to be least bi-lingual. Queen Yemi Alade naturally ticks this requirement as a Nigerian but her genealogy takes things even further. The singer was born to Yoruba father, James Alade and an Igbo mother Helen Uzoma Alade.

She was crowned winner at the Peak Talent show in 2009. After meandering briefly in the Nigerian underground, Alade emerged with her first major hit Ghen Ghen Love in 2012, marking her spot ‘X’ on the map.

In 2014, she began an Afrocentric resurgence of her music and brand with Ankara print costumes, African dance moves and  re-works of her Nigerian hits in other African languages for other nations to enjoy. With the international recognition of her music and brand by MTV, BET and MOBO awards, the reign of Queen Yemi Alade is just beginning and in full swing.


Long live Queen Yemi Alade, Long live Africa.


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