Wisdom from Cabasa: Veteran producer highlights 9 important do(s) and don’t(s) of record deals

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The Nigerian Internet has never been the kindest place for Skales. For years, before and after his exit from EME, Skales was the butt of jokes about breaking into the market and carving a niche or active fan base for himself. However his latest predicament with Baseline records may have put him in a different public light.

Though the facts made public so far already indicate Skales may not be totally faultless in the turn out of events, the staggering N5 Billion clause on any attempt to terminate his contract with the label tells us the rapper may have been a victim in some measures too.

With social media bleeding out all its opinions via meme uploads at Skales’ expense and a myriad of opinionated tweets on the speculated intricacies of the contract flying around, Skales has remained atop headlines and social media trends all week.

The news caught the attention of some industry players and yesterday, veteran producer and Coded Tunes founder, ID Cabasa, decided to give some of his own experiential insight into Skales’ troubles amongst other general causes of label-artists disputes that have gone public in recent times —and we don’t think there have been truer words.

On putting business before pleasure and humble beginnings.

On what record labels give advances for.

On living within your limits.

On the irony of collecting gifts from your label.

On playing the victim card and taking things personal when the chips come down.

On the reality of a misguided generation’s idea of success.


On the dichotomy between creativity and the numbers game.

A word they say, is enough for the wise.


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