Woman Crush Wednesday: When will Eva Alordiah done did it again?


Yes, she’s our Woman crush Wednesday but we are mad at Eva Alordiah.

Eva came into limelight with the lead single off her Garbage In-Garbage out (GIGO) EP, I Done Did It in 2011.  This was her launch pad into rap music. Sadly, ever since then we have been waiting for her to done do something about her undone career. And no getting engaged on live television at the Headies doesn’t count.

Eva began to get in our bad books after she exited her label Trybe Records in 2012. This was followed by a disturbingly silent spell. We did not get an explanation and her flirtations with big names like the Chocolate City music group and Don Jazzy amounted to naught.

Still Eva retains her initial promise of becoming one of Nigeria’s finest rappers. Holding the fort for the ladies at the least should have been a piece of cake but she hasn’t done did this either

She dropped only two singles Lights Out and Mercy in 2013.  Then returned in 2014 with Deaf, which was nominated by the Hip Hop World Awards for best Rap Single. Things were looking hopeful as she accompanied Deaf with a self-titled four track EP, Eva. Despite the average quality of her EP, we couldn’t believe our luck when Eva announced the roll out for her debut album. The album was titled 1960 and was going to be released in January 2015, but she never dropped this album till the year ended.

It’s January 2016 and Eva still hasn’t done it.  


We understand that music might not be Eva Alordiah’s only priority as she owns her own make-up company, Makeup by Orsela (which we are proud of). Nonetheless, the female hip-hop community is too sparsely populated for Eva not to have attained queen status by now. It is unfair that she is not taking her music and fans more seriously.

Eva needs to done do it again. And this time, for real.


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