AQ rapperYou know how once in a while we allow our minds roam on its free will.

Where we think across boards picturing situations and how we would have preferred it to be?

Rapper Gilbert Bani, popularly known as A-Q, decided to put his roaming thoughts into words and the result is this lyrical picture that poses many questions for today’s generation.

A-Q on Freethinker:

“I don’t know how to write this, this story of my life is

really complicated and I’m far from being righteous
yes, I’m a sinner, there is no purity in lies but,                                                                                    I ain’t never worship anything, even my idols
only the one that gave me life cos that’s where I get my life first
Christianity to me is living exactly the way Christ once
but i parallel to the streets where reality would bite us
we walk past dead bodies like nobody can revive us
maybe I’m just a bigot, maybe I’m just high but

we cannot get into your mind if you do not invite us
you wanna twerk like Miley Cyrus, be sexy like Rihanna
have an a** like Nicki, she don’t wanna be herself
look at how television is destroying self, confidence in women
what will they teach their children
it’s like the day dream, every movie got a gay scene

the world is now looking like the devil may win, but the devil may cry

I aint got nothing against gay people, but they say to be gay is evil

I just stay in the middle, I aint trying to cook up excuses for this people

But it’s still God that made these people.…”



Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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