Alabai-2On this week’s WordSmith, we again go the conscious route, in an industry where lyrics are fast becoming shallow and we seemingly stay content dancing when the world we living ain’t actually throwing a ball.

Today’s pick goes a while back and it is from former Def O Clan member, Alabai who guest featured on Blackface’s Hard life off his debut solo effort and many years after, this verse is still evergreen to our ears.

Alabai in Blackface’s Hard Life:

How can I live in a country where the light ain’t steady? Water don’t run and I can’t afford Spaghetti/

I don’t do deals cos they shady, when the thieves come to rob damn the cops are never ready (oh God)/            

would have graduated four years ago, when would I graduate now, only God knows/                                                        

the economy of my nation is moving too damn slow, nobody cares to know why the Ikeja bomb blew/                             

Our folks can’t afford three square meals, then how can they pay these damn bills?                                             

The pot bellies up there don’t know how it feels, for pure raw skills not to get a record deal/                                  

I’ve got to say this from the heart OBJ we don’t feel you, As a matter of fact OBJ we don’t believe you/              

You don’t know exactly how it hurts when we see you………

Many years after, our electricity is still unsteady, the police is not proactive, the economy is still competing at the pace of a snail and many folks still live under a dollar per day. This verse was actually a bold one as he called out the then President of the country, one of the few Nigerian artistes to have ever done so.

Classic verse, conscious bars and Alabai has earned his place in Rap’s hall of fame.



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