Wordsmiths: Lord Vino

Lord-V-The first episode of Wordsmith where we will regularly be featuring those rap verses that gets you nodding right from the first listen and makes you wonder, how the artiste ever thought of that.

Lyrics are the bricks upon which the foundation of an emcee’s career are founded, every week we will be highlighting verses that push lyricism to its very best with insightful lines, storytelling, conscious messages and classic bars which will take a long while to slip out of our consciousness. Architect by Day and Emcee at Play, Lord V who is working on his new project kicks off proceedings with this sick sixteen.

Lord Vino paints a picture of life as an artist in Greo’s The Pressure off the Oral Tradition tape:

‘The beat is so soulful, I should feed y’all niggas with the soul food/                                                                        

Dragon ball flow, this is Gorcu, Talking about the pressure, the things that we go through/                                    

(Ahn) They say pressure burst pipes, but burst pipes make a real nigga burst right/                                   

Say you thinking of the rhymes that you must write, way to the studio you run into a bus fight/                        

Now you get into the booth then is no light, you got to pay for the diesel, rough night/                                       

And you still got to pay for the session, money don low, your pocket is in recession/                                                

why it got to be so hard? that’s the question, every single session you spitting, you in depression/                      

 And you still gats split the dough three ways, producer, OAPs, deejays/                                                              

The streets so hard, so we go hard, got to see hell just to go far/                                                                                           

But the lesson, the hustle is a blessing, for the diamond to shine, you gotta go through the stressing, the Pressure’………


Pressure: Greo ft Lord V and Mc Skill




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