10 epic reactions to Tiwa Savage’s ‘African Waist’ video

  1. tiwa african waist

Tiwa Savage is wasting no time in re-affirming return to the game after her motherhood hiatus. African Waist featuring Don Jazzy is the first music video off her new R.E.D album and Nigerians had some interesting things to say about the video.

#1 This guy is every African parent that will watch this video:african waist 14

#2 She is just disappointed this song will still end up being everybody’s jam

african waist1

#3 This girl’s ears seem to be failing her. 

african waist

#4 After several failed experiments, someone finally came up with a formular to enjoy the song, but to be honest we don’t think anything is that deep.

african 17

#5 This guy has a more peculiar problem with the video.

african waist 3


#6 Cue the fake-deep music head or something… 

african waist 11

#7 and his side kick, Sherlock Holmes

african waist 6

#8 Seriously Tiwa, more people are having problems finding any actual African waist.

african waist 5 african waist 7  

african waist 18

#9 Then there are these people.

african waist 17african waist 16

#10 And these other people…

african waist 13


Peep the video below guys and tell us what you think:



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