Music Review: We can finally welcome Ruggedman back with ‘Oloshi’


Veteran Ruggedman has been trying to retain his industry relevance for the past few years. Some of his attempts have ranged between maintaining a listening audience from his days as one of Nigeria’s finest, to trying to appeal to the younger base of fans who listen to Olamide.

Between successfully finding a middle ground and maintaining the hip hop standard he was known for at the release of his debut Thy Album Come, Ruggedman has been struggling with having both old and new fans take his music seriously. Luckily, for him, those who are still in doubt of his legend status may soon have a change of heart, thanks to his latest single Oloshi

Produced by Chocolate City in-house producer Reinhard, Oloshi features former Chocolate City signee, Milli whose many talents are limited to the chorus but this does not dilute the potential of the song or its eventual finish.

Milli works with a ready made flow by Drake on his remix of Versace by trap music crew Migos. He opens the song muttering Oloshi, Oloshi setting the pace for Ruggedman’s first verse which comes in comfortably on the krunk ochestra instrumentals and heavy base lined with auto-tuned vocal samples. The verses are simple and the hook is just as catchy as iit is smooth. If there is any reason at all that Oloshi falls below our expectations, it is in the length, which stands at barely over the 3 minute mark.

Ruggedman’s revival in an industry he shouldered at its infancy has been a long road, but if we get more efforts like this from him with more creative experiments at each turn, placing him back on the spot he belongs should not be a problem.


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